please...plug me in

Illuminate my mind
I was told
I looked confused
you know
bring me up to date
you know?...I wondered
if I knew I wouldn't look confused
maybe you should illuminate me
but do it kindly
with love and careing
don't put me down
because I'm slow
or is it that
I really don't know
Please illuminate me
honestly take that
light from head
and plant it in my mind


  1. Once English was a language praised for being so adaptable. It could accommodate change and absorb words and ideas from foreign tongues. Sadly we have abused it and twisted words and grammar to an extent where new languages are formed to exclude others yet still speaking "English". Clubs have been formed and by using their own terms and definitions have humiliated others by such use and forming a new class structure where you may not belong if you are unaware of these new meanings. I hope this illuminates the problem. My grandchildren are helpful translators but even they would be frustrated by the pompous.

  2. It is so very easy for one to judge another as unenlightened if he is not speaking the same terms or from the same point of reference. To my way of thinking it depends more on which angle the light source is coming from, and perhaps the one who truly does not see is the one standing in his own shadow.

  3. i maybe missed something after reading the above comments.. but to me ...very nice! and yes.. always inform me kindly not enough gentleness these days! thanks for visiting me

  4. Man, what's up with the judgments? I think this is just a confused soul who is feeling out of it. I meet folks like this all the time. Sometimes they feel behind the times; other guys simply have been called "dim bulb" for so long they believe it. I liked this, Grizz O' Mine! Amy

  5. Thoughtfully serious - or seriously thoughtful...

  6. I love it! I'm usually confused about something. It's nice to know I'm not alone.