Balaneze Cats For Sale

don't get excited...I don't have any kittens for's just the title of my story.

Lately, a lot of my blogging friends are cat lovers and reading their stories about cats and seeing their pictures reminded me of the days I used to have cats.

One of my favorites was the offspring of a sneaky black alley cat and a friend's pure Siamese cat. We were lucky enough to receive "Lowder Luff" for free.

"Lowder Luff" because one of my kids couldn't pronounce 'P's".

Her name was soon shortened to Low-Low or Low-Life, depending on her behavior at the moment. One of her low life moments was when she copied the behavior of her mother and sneaked into the alley before we had the sense to have her fixed.

Naturally she met a friend and I think it was the same friend that her mother had met and it wasn't too long before we had 7 beautiful kittens that were the spitting image of their mother and their grandmother. They all looked like pure Siamese cats. Well they looked like Siamese to us.

The problem was that we didn't have any friends who wanted a cat or another cat. So, I got the bright idea of donating them to a pet store. "Great,"my wife said. "Then they will get a home with someone that wants a cat."

The store was happy to take them off our hands and we were glad to be relieved of the burden of finding homes for them.  A week of so later I was driving by the store and wondered how they were doing with our kittens.

When I walked in, I saw a cage with a sign that read "Balaneze/Siameze" kittens...$50.00. There were only 3 left. I had mixed emotions and a few questions and I bet you do too.

First  -What's a Balaneze/Siameze cat?
Second -Why can't they spell?
Third - Why are they ripping people off?

At first I was mad and wanted to see the owner who wasn't there. I asked if the kittens had papers.  They didn't. So, I left.

As I was driving home and thought about it, I cooled off.

I decided that they could call them what they wanted to and if they weren't claiming papers it was the buyers problem.

Fifty bucks was a fair price. They were suppose to make money and the kittens looked healthy and well cared for.

I never did figure out why they couldn't spell but, I had a sneaking hunch they did it on purpose.

Low Life went to the vet and became a loving Low Low. I never knew what happened to the sneaking alley cat.

I had to give up cats because I live in an area where Coyotes roam (no buffalo though). The cat we brought with us when we moved here disappeared one night.  Not sure but I'm guessing the coyotes.

I do miss that purr when she crawled up on my lap.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 04, 2013

    You are absolutely hilarious, you have no idea how much you make me smile. My aunt had a Siamese and a lot of birds, the cat made the mistake of going for a Macaw named Gypsy. The bird grabbed her by the collar and just shook her back and forth like a rag doll, never again did that cat mess with birds. My uncle has a cat that has twice now been mauled by a hawk, it survived both encounters but not with both eyes, it was in general an incredible unfortunate cat. I love cats =)