Widdle & Friggle

They widdled and friggled
in the waters froth
two lively chirpadiatists

hoturious burgeomythiacs 
stargulling in chit chat
 and mockinomia

the froth became a bellicose sea
angry at  the burgeomythiacs' 
blithiodic verbosity

the rancorous ocean 
raised its angry fists at
our two lively chirpadiatists

and threw its tempest winds
to end their mockomaniacal
tornadic bloviational sins

A jibber jacky stab at Jabderwocky poetry for "Mindlovemisery" 


widdle and friggled -a debate that is spit into the wind
stargulling - stupid arguement
hoturious - hot and furious
chirpadiatists-know it alls
burgeomythiacs - silly arguments
mockinomia-circular argument
tornadic - circling winds
bloviational -  bragging...pompous


  1. AnonymousJune 09, 2013

    Grizz this is fabulous! I am so happy that you went for the Jabberwocky!!! I wasn't sure anyone would take that challenge on, its certainly not an easy task haha I love it and your words are great =)

    1. thanks..not really Lewis Carrollian but it was fun to give it a try

  2. I love it! I could actually make out what the words meant without the definitions, so I'd say you did a great job with this. Nice one, Old Grizz!

    1. appreciate your comment...thanks

  3. Brilliant! I found I didn't need the definitions also - in fact have not read them, refused to!
    Anna :o]