Battle of the sexes - part 2

Sometime before this year’s Turkey Day I said something or did something that put me in the dog house with my wife.  Being the stubborn person that I am I refused to ask her just what I did? 

Naturally, since I was in the wrong and she was in the right, which is the natural result of a domestic spat, we began a period of silent meditation.  I am sure that she would say something more like I was being blessed with “the silent treatment”.

What she didn't realize was that I was smack dab in the middle of my NaNoWriMo project and was very happy to be left alone.  To be real truthful I was ecstatic.  I wrote for hours without one “Honey-do” finding its way tino my hide away.

I did have to make my own B-L-D’s.  No, that’s not a bacon, lettuce and dog meat sandwich.  It’s breakfast, lunch and dinner.  However, just to prove that I am not a complete cad, I continued to take care of my normal chores of doing the dishes and picking up the dog poop.

But, it was a fair trade-off because as you already know, I did finish my writing project.

Also, around the middle of November I decided that I was spending too much time sitting on my ample back side and pretending to be a writer so I began a walking and exercise program.  My goal was and is to lose some weight and to be in a little better shape.

Notice that I used the words some and little.  That was on purpose because by using those words I cannot fail.  Any amount of exercise that I perform guarantees me of being in a little better shape.  After my first morning walk I had succeeded in obtaining my “better shape” goal.

Losing “some weight” was and is a more difficult goal but I knew that if I gave up donuts for just one week and continued to walk that I would lose weight and I did.  So far I have lost three whole pounds.

I know it’s not like those people on TV but I can’t afford the weight trainers they have and I have already succeeded.  Any more improvement is just gravy on my potatoes or the cherry on my hot fudge sundae.

Oh…no more gravy and potatoes or hot fudge sundaes?  What have I done to myself?

Yes, we are talking again and she has joined me on my morning walks.  Her only response to my new fitness program was short and simple.

“I've told you to do this for months.”

Was the argument with my wife a plot?  Did she trick me?

Naturally, being a man and a husband, I will never know but somehow I suspect that she did.

June 2013 update...still walking and talking but November is coming up...anyone have an idea for an argument...I'm going to take another shot at NaNoWriMo.


  1. AnonymousJune 23, 2013

    Nice story. I did the same thing one year ago today, but not because my wife tricked me by giving me the silent treatment. I'm not going to tell you how I'm doing on the exercise/weight loss, because you'd probably call me bad names.

    1. thanks for dropping in...if you have been successful...I applaud you...If not I commiserate with you but either bad names..hoping it is the successful side...nothing makes me happier than to see a heavy person get slim...if that's you cudos...