He will not die

He sat cross-legged
under a blanket of stars
slumped in the slump of good bye

a small sage brush fire
spoke to him
of all the days that had come and gone

a soft midnight breeze
caressed his ears
with the music of his life

his weary aged soul
called to the moon
beneath the wispy clouds

the black of the night
wrapped his body
in a cocoon of life

he had spun his world
his time had come
but he knew he would not die

but only evolve
and his soul would merely fly away
like a butterfly landing on a star

gs batty for "mindlovemisery"


  1. Like the use of the butterfly...maybe the use "wrapped" twice...might be stronger with another word?

    1. thanks Annell...I really appreciate the suggestion and I did a little editing. A positive input will always be appreciated by this writer.

  2. Nice one! the caterpillar/butterfly is an amazing creature, and worthy of such a fine bit of writing!

    1. thanks marbles...your thoughts are a joy to my mind.

  3. AnonymousJune 03, 2013

    This is gorgeous =) There is something so elegant and almost mysterious and it, perfect!

    1. thank you Amber, for the visit and the prompt. I have admired your ability to weave personification through out your writing. It is not a talent that I am good at but I need to learn so I can improve my writing.

  4. nice...love how the elements speak in this...and rather gently as well...hope my soul wings on like a butterfly when my time comes....

    1. thanks Brian and I hope that that time is far far away. You still have a lot of great poetry to share with the world.

  5. What a soft, beautiful way to transition from this life to the next. I wish it could always be done this way, a gentle letting go and fading out... oh the joy of being able to fly free of our old bodies at last! This was truly lovely, GS!

  6. AnonymousJune 11, 2013

    Too good, missed reading your write. Made me smile.