so long

Keith - Your Tuesday prompt will be missed. I salute you and hope your writing never stops. Thanks for all the prompts that have tweaked my mind and brought out the craziness that makes Old Egg want to explode.
It has been an enjoyable trip and I'm glad I bought the ticket.
The best to you and hope to see your words being touted by the literary world.
Old Grizz...

goodbye to Carry on Tuesday but not goodbye to Keith

He is ending the Carry on Tuesday will be a loss to those of us that enjoyed the challenge of his prompts.

This week I have said goodbye to more than "Carry On Tuesday".

I have said goodbye to an old friend's 21 year old son who was killed in a motor cycle accident.

I have said goodbye to a writing group that I have hosted for 3 years.

And finally...for now...I have said goodbye to my long shaggy hair and my Santa Clause beard and I have said goodbye to playing Santa clause at Christmas time. I hope the kids will miss me as much as I will miss them.

one last poem for COT...this is about a girl I knew long ago who still wanders around my mind.


The world is not there
nor the stars
without you

with out you
my eyes are 
covered in clouds

without you the shadows are sinister
and within each one
is a lifeless mist

I refuse to say goodbye
for I know that you
will always be there

you are the happiness 
that makes my soul
come to life

thinking of you turns
the dark shadows 
from death to life

your shadow has
wound its life around my soul
I cannot say goodbye and let you go

                                                            gs batty


  1. AnonymousJune 11, 2013

    True, i hopped by to say hello to you!

  2. Thanks for your kind words. COT may have gone but I will continue to ramble on and on and on .........

  3. A touching contribution for this time!! Hope to meet here again someday sometime!!