The world is not there
nor the stars
without you

with out you
my eyes are 
covered in clouds

without you the shadows are sinister
and within each one
is a lifeless mist

I refuse to say goodbye
for I know that you
will always be there

you are the happiness 
that makes my soul
come to life

thinking of you turns
the dark shadows 
from death to life

your shadow has
wound its life around my soul
I cannot say goodbye nor let you go

                                                            gs batty

written for one last post on COT and the new beginning for Josie and "Two Shoes Tuesday"


  1. Oh GS, you have such a beautiful way of weaving your words with feelings. Every woman should have someone who loves them this much, who will never be willing to say goodbye. Love transcends time and place, I truly believe that! Thank you for the wonderful contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday. It touched my heart!

    1. Thanks Josie...your words are very kind

  2. I would be a wonder to be Dori.

    1. I really appreciate that you took a moment to read and respond

  3. What Josie said. This is awesome.

    Have a fantastic day. ☺