it's just a damned penny

A glint of a damned penny caught my eye
I reached for
the damned penny laying on the ground

maybe someone left the damned penny for my thoughts
so I stared at it
watching it lie there and stare back at me

It came upon on me
that if someone had paid for my thoughts
I actually needed to think

what kind of thoughts 
was I being paid for
how many thoughts should I supply

who left the damned penny for my thoughts?
was it a blogger looking for conformation
that someone dropped by

was it a teacher?
wondering if I actually had thoughts
and would I be able to relate them

was it mother?
from so long ago
trying to console me

should I take the damned penny to prove I was there?
if I did and they didn’t get my thoughts
would I be a thief?

I suppose I would be a thief
 if I didn't leave
 some kind of thoughts

where would I put them...?
on the ground?
with the damned penny?

what if a car ran over them?
are smashed thoughts as good as
perfectly formed thoughts?

or what if  a dog peed on them?
are thoughts steeped in urine
as good as thoughts steeped in classical music?

or what if a homeless person came along?
and took both the damned penny 
and my damned thoughts

whose eyes would I avoid?
would they tell the world that
I am a liar and a thief?

would they tell the world
they bought my thoughts 
for a damned penny?

would they tell the world
 they got nothing in return
for the damned penny?

would they tell the world
I never left a damned thought
for the damned penny?

I’m sorry but this has become way to complex so
I have decided not to sell my thoughts
 for a damned penny


  1. I agree that picking that penny up would be like selling your soul for no good purpose. There is a street in Adelaide where some pavements have coins set in them (tourist attraction), even Australian dollars which are worth about US$1. Nobody tries to dig them out! Why not? Three or four could get you a cup of coffee! They are merely walked over unseen!

    1. thanks...if I ever get to Adelaide I see if I cam "borrow" a coin or two for my collection of worthless items.

  2. A long train of thought for a penny though :)

    1. I am always happy to give more than I receive.

  3. I think we got more than a penny's worth of thoughts here, and now you've started me thinking on the value of thoughts!

    1. thanks Josie...hope you found your solution

  4. That was a long argument, to end up confirming the old advice:
    'Sometimes it is best to keep one's thoughts to oneself'.

    1. thanks..high praise coming from an excellent blogger

  5. In for a penny, in for a pound... :-)

    1. maybe that should be pounding

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. It cost more than a penny to make a penny - is it the same for thoughts?

    1. it depends upon who's brain is being used...mine...nada...that's all I can vouch for

  7. I think you've done just the right thing. Sharing your sudden thoughts rather than feeding into that damned thing. This was a really clever way of stretching the moment.

    1. thanks...appreciate your dropping in...