personal snafu

in secret 
I tried to change
no one
not even a friend
was to know
for to fail
would cause me shame
and that
could not be
so when 
I succeeded 
with my change
I had not one to cheer me
and only 
my ego to blame


  1. I've done this too and actually had more success that way...Funny, huh?

    1. but when we accomplish something we want a pat on the back and cheers and shouts and hooray's but if not one realizes you "did it" then...maybe it's better to grow in silence and pat yourself on the back...thanks for stopping by...

  2. keeping those out of our journey means they can't comfort us in our failures or celebrate our successes ...

    great thoughts!

    1. so true but sometimes so hard to put your thoughts on the table...sort of like the "Crying Wolf" scenario...

  3. I think that real friends are there to encourage our efforts, and to comfort us when we fall short of our goal. This does not hold true in dieting however, for one most often has to eat their words of glorious attempt, much to the amusement of onlookers. :-)

    1. are wise beyond your years...who among us has not ate the word "diet" more than once..