camels in the surf of 9-11

I stood on the cliffs
the water below
waves crashing against the granite cliffs
receding into the sunset beyond
I only saw sand
I could only stare in disbelief
I blinked once...twice...a third time
the sand began to roll like the ocean
in...crashing hard against a cliff of ocean
out... drifting with the wind
an oasis formed in the middle of the tide
a two or maybe three
the tide of the sand moved them out
the crash of a wave brought them back
I could not or would not look away
it drew me.. too them
the sand...the sea...the rocks below
the camels
beckoned me…called me
to the sands of the ocean
I learned to fly that day
at first ever so slow
free...floating with the wind
camels below laughing at me
faster I flew and then
the laughs of sand
burned my soul
and then
swimming…in the air
the camels were above me
in the clouds
running their lopsided run
rolling with the sand
surfing above the ocean
the camels came to take me home
a home in the oasis of hell


  1. Home and homelessness wandering through the deserts of our thoughts this week GS..the last line is so very powerful..Jae

    1. thanks Jae..your praise has me dancing on my toes