viva le difference

When I was young
and in my prime
I used to wonder all the time

about the girl next door
and what was under
the things she wore

I asked my friends
if they knew
or if they had ever seen that view

we talked and joked 
about that mysterious wonder
known only as the place down under

the older boys bragged that they knew
and that is was really different 
and an awesome view

we would slowly
walk by the girls gym door
hoping to see just a little bit more

When I was older
and my time had come
to be a little brave and somewhat bolder

I ask a girl to go with me
to view the submarines in the sea
but unfortunately that curious unveiling was not to be

finally one wonderful night
I discovered the view that had been haunting me
with a girl that was my bride to be

now that I'm
old and getting gray
I get to see her every day

the difference has never grown old
the problem is
I'm no longer young and bold


  1. Loved this! So very true, what captivated our imagination as young people still does in our later years, we just lack as much energy to pursue it... at least as often! ;-)

  2. PS - I think you have a gift for poetry... this was so well done!