dark, spinning
mind body room

an eddy
of fear
help please

fear of
the unknown
this awful spinning unknown

voices voices voices
who are they
what are they

the angels of light
the shadows of hell
help please

spinning bouncing shaking
don't take me
don't leave me

where are you
come to me
help me please

that light
that piercing awful light
someone anyone help me

thumping spinning thumping
something thumping
my heart my blood spinning

where is it going
where am I
where am I going

that light
that light again
no people no angel no devil

a soft voice
a touch of love
a touch of care

yes she's here
yes yes yes
help me please help me

I'm afraid
the spinning the pounding
so afraid

help me please
please be there
I need you

with your hand
and your your heart
I will always need you

please don't
leave me here
I am so afraid


  1. Great poem.


  2. Powerful intensity in these lines, GS, full of emotion, confusion, and fear, calling out for help... the human condition, so well written!

  3. AnonymousMay 19, 2013

    This is intense it really captures the panic and intensity of fear. Amazing writing =) For some reason your comment went to spam and I just found this so forgive me for the delay