that which spins

arms and legs
forming an X
body burning inside

head spinning
round and round
up and down

heart beating, pounding
waiting to explode
where am I

who am I
I struggle
the thought spinning

my aching head
my pounding heart

I am

the womb the seed the egg

the whistle in the night

the pit the cherry the tree

the soil the plant the berry

the mountain the stream the brush

the flora the fauna the clouds

the school the teacher the fountain

the  walk the trot the run

the silence the noise

the night the day

the sun and the moon

I am
spinning round and round
spinning up and down

I am 
that which
spins inside me

                                    gs batty


  1. OOhhh...spins me.....lovely creation

  2. Well this is as good an explanation as any other.

  3. I feel quite dizzy after that! Brilliant.

  4. That gives one quite a 'rush'. I used to regularly get 'spinning' dreams when I was young; these days, now I am old, my recurring dream is of being lost in a vast, unfinished, grey concrete building. OOOer!

  5. I am all..yes Old are..i can see the mountain scape singing and dancing through your thoughts..big..exciting..but somehow safe..

  6. Nimble, sprightly and just a touch wise...

  7. I like this, George. You have much going on inside. Thanks for penning it for us to enjoy.