for my next trick

for my next trick
i will effloresce
into a writer

is that you
in the background

no, i'm sure
it can be done
with just a wee bit of effort

pull a plot from
my sleeve
sprinkle characters here and there

good guys and bad guy
sweet girls with skorts
sexy girls in tight shorts

some love, some hate
and maybe a murder
and a keystone kop

when my story begins to bloom
you won't giggle any more
but you may want to holler stop

beause this plot will surely effloresce
into an Amorphophalius titanun
which does not smell like a geranium

gs batty for Sunday Scribblings


  1. AnonymousMay 31, 2013

    lol LOVED this - especially the fact that you managed to get "Amorphophalius titanun" into a poem :D

  2. You don't have to 'effloresce' anywhere - this proves you are already a writer. Excellent work!

  3. What a stinking shame I was hoping for a happy ending.

  4. Sharply clever and cleverly sharp...

  5. you will be a super writer then :) enjoyed this write. some subtle repetitions are very effective.

  6. This is clever and as we say in Maine, 'Wicked good.'