the show must go on

The day was one of those lazy ones. One of those days when you have nothing to do. One of those days that bore the hell out of you when you're young. One of those days that you pray for when you get old but before you get to old to give a shit about any day at all.

P.T. was spending his share of the lazy day in the park. The sky was blue. The temperature was dancing in the mid seventies. A soft cool breeze barely moved the leaves on the old elm trees but cooled his skin just enough that he was glad he had brought his light jacket.

He had stopped at the bagel shop for his coffee and two bagels. One, toasted and smeared with cream cheese for him and one plain for the birds he invited to breakfast. He found his favorite bench. The one where the sun hit him at just the right angle to warm his skin but not shine directly in his eyes.

He sipped his coffee and laid his bagels out on the bench using the paper bag as a table cloth. He used his pocket knife to cut his bagel into eight pieces and the bird's bagel into crumbs. As he was preparing the bagels, a funny looking man in baggy clothing began setting up a small wooden platform just across from P.T.'s bench.

He nodded towards P.T. but didn't say anything. P.T. returned the nod and also politely introduced himself. The baggy man continued his project with no response.

P.T. didn't mind because that was the same reaction he always received when he talked to the birds. He could say anything he wanted to and not one bird questioned his words. He continued cutting the bagels, sipping his coffee and talking to the birds and the baggy man.

P.T. told them his name came from being a clown in a circus. The birds pecked at the crumbs. The baggy man continued his project. P.T. ate another piece of his bagel and sipped the coffee. He continued his life story. He talked about politics and religion. The birds pecked at the crumbs. The baggy man continued his project.

P.T. sipped his coffee, ate a piece of bagel and talked. The birds pecked at the crumbs. The baggy man completed his wooden platform and then used it as a stage to perform on. His performance was that of a mime.

A young couple walked by, but stopped a moment to observe and wonder. They watched the old man feeding the birds, telling them and the mine about his life as a circus clown, the mime doing his silent show, and the birds pecking at the crumbs.

They strolled on.

The man opined that the two men had to be "coo-coo".

The woman thought a moment and said, "Maybe, but you will never find another place where everyone and everything is happier. They are doing what makes them feel good."

"I wonder," the man replied. "If it is a confirmation of the old saying, 'The show must go on'."

written for Carry on Tuesday
by gs batty or "Old Grizz"
what ever floats your boat

P.S. -There ya go Mr. Whitesnake, politics again.


  1. First of all I desperately want a bagel now! More important however great story-telling you make me want to know more about the backgrounds of your characters =)

  2. A clown and a mime in one park- sounds like a fun park to walk through!

  3. Sometimes it's wonderful to talk and be heard without any asinine responses. Maybe I should be quiet now!