apologize...I don't think so

William was a man that liked to read.  He kept up on politics and was always ready to share his latest knowledge with anyone handy.  He was proud of his intelligence and proud of how much smarter he was than "other people". And, he was successful. His business thrived. His family life was good. He drove the best of cars.  He walked with the pride of success.

One Sunday morning he read an article in a college study about apologizing. Naturally he only read enough to let people know that he knew everything about the subject. In this case, "apologizing".

"It's a sign of weakness", the article informed him.

Now isn't that interesting, he thought. I've never liked apologizing. So, if it's really a sign of weakness. I will never apologize again.

And, he didn't.

In his business if there was a mistake made or a product wasn't "acceptable", he said to his customers, "tough Shit, if you don't like it, go someplace else." Of course he was sure they wouldn't because his products were always the best.

He refused to apologize to friends for a "slip of the tongue". "Hey, I said it and I'm not sorry."

He became arrogant around his wife and children. "Live with it. learn not to be weak and grovel at the feet of others."

He felt proud and arrogant and strong until the day he had to beg for a quarter, "I'm sorry sir, can you spare some change. I'm hungry."

written for Sunday Scribblings
by Old "Arrogant" Grizz
or gs batty
or maybe today it was
sg beatty
you pick em..


  1. Ah, behaviour comes back to us. nice one.

  2. What it is to be always right...lonely! As you will have few friends.

  3. What goes around, comes around. Enjoyed reading this. I, unfortunately, have known a few people like that chap. Most of them have had their cumuppence though.

  4. Great! Weak is being arrogant and unapologetic!

  5. Ooooh that ending was fantastic! It takes strength to admit a mistake and make amends, the accepting consequences is an important part though. Wonderful story =)