once upon a time

I lived my world in you
I felt your soft breath
whispering in my ear

I felt the beat of your heart
as my head
rested on your breasts

I reveled in the softnes 
of your fingers
as they entwined the curls of my hair

I felt the rise and fall
of your stomach
as your breathed the air of life

then you
were taken
from me

in my mind
you are still

in my mind
you will always be

the beat of your heart
the softness of your touch
the warmth of your breath
the rise and fall of your breasts

once upon a time
we were one
now you are gone
but only for a moment

a moment in
once upon a time

written for Carry on Tuesday

Should anyone want to torture their mind and continue to follow "Fright or Frong" you can pick up the next chapter of this "maniacal comical farce" at..


  1. Touching heartfelt

  2. Very moving and made me tear up. Beautiful piece.

  3. I really like the rhythmic pattern to this. It feels like shallow breaths.

  4. Simply beautiful, poignant and touching.