a lonely old man

an old man sat
hunkered in the rain
on an old park bench
he was wet and cold
his bones
aching in pain
a young girl
skipped by
playing in the rain
but she didn't
go near him
afraid he may cause her harm
he thought
of his daughter
and wondered where she was
he remembered
her smile and her freckles
and a tear washed away some rain
oh how he wished
he could go back again
and make up for
the pain
that he knew
he had left her in
but now it was to late
life had skipped by
just like the girl in the rain
                                                                                            gs batty/April 2013
                                                                                            a lonely old man


  1. Beautiful... and very sad. You paint pictures with words that I can feel.

    1. twice you have made me feel food today...thank you