Sting for "Weekend Wordsmith"

I think everybody in the world has been stung. I can't prove it, but I'd bet my last $2 on it. Well, I suppose I would have to eliminate babies. However, once your up and walking, your going to get stung by one of those pesky buggers. If you are lucky, you won't be bitten by a Yellow Jacket. I wasn't. I mean I wasn't lucky. I was stung by the biggest Yellow Jacket in the western USA. At least I was sure it was the biggest. It looked like the biggest one to me. Now one of the important things about being stung is...""where did it get you"? Your hand? Your foot? I knew a guy who got stung on his " good time charley" when he was relieving himself on a hunting trip. That made for a lot of good jokes on that trip and a lot of trips after that. I had always been lucky with my bee stings. They were on the hand ,the foot, the legs or the arms. The places that hurt but didn't cause any major discomfort. But, the last one was a real bitch. I have hunted, fished and camped all of my life so you would think that I would have learned a few things. Well I have learned some things, but I did not learn about Wasps and Coke. While out camping last summer. I was enjoying a book, a fire and a coke in the late afternoon. My wife asked me to do something so I set the book and the coke down and did what she asked. When I returned to my place of solitude I took a nice big mouth full of the coke and the Yellow Jacket that was stealing it. I was lucky in that I did not swallow, but I did manage to make the Wasp mad and of course, before I could spit him and coke out, he let me have it. The only good thing thing about the whole incident was that it didn't get me in the throat. It got me on the inside of my cheek. For two days it hurt like hell and I looked and felt like I had an impacted tooth. Now I know that you should never leave an open soda can where a Wasp can lay claim to it.


  1. The bees have also go tme in he mouth, the exact same way. Another sting was at a bus stop. It flew up under my shirt. It stung me over and over, until I took my top off. Yes, off right on the busy street. The bee left. I got plenty of honks.
    Thanks for the story.

  2. Prior to reading this, the most horrific insect-in-beverage story I knew was my own, of swigging in a dead housefly with a guzzle of Pepsi from the bottle. That was revolting but not painful.

  3. 2cats
    a new dance has been born. The "Funky Bee". I know it was painful but to those watching it had to be funny. Honk Honk

    Being stung in the mouth was painful, but swallowing the "fly"...ugh...ugh...ugh.
    I seem to remember a line from a song "I don't know why I swallowed the fly"....
    Now that's going to be in my head for a few days....I swallowed the fly....I swallowed the fly, but I don't know why.. Burl Ives..I think

  4. I never had a wasp sting that I can remember, but there are warnings in the media of European wasps getting into drink cans here.Bee stings I have had, no alergies thre than goodness. But your sting and your friends sting. OH OUCH!!!
    That one on your friends...what did you call it? he he, would make any guys eyes water and wince.

  5. I didn't swallow it. If I had I would not still have the tactile memory of spitting out an intact housefly body FROM MY MOUTH.