horse meat and ants

The power of the mind is an awesome thing. Sometimes it doesn't matter what something really is. What really matters is what your mind perceives it to be. Take for example the day I got a great buy on ribs. They were 45 cents a pound (remember my name is Old Grizz) and I bought about 20 lbs for the week end cook out. The normal price in those days was around 1.75 per lb so you know I got a great deal. But that is where the mind thing comes in. About half way home with the ribs I got to wondering why they were so cheap and of course my mind naturally got around to "horse meat". The more I thought about those ribs the more I could see some poor ass horse in a slaughter house. Naturally I threw the ribs out. If I had taken one bite I would have gagged. Fast forward to my life in the here and now. We just paid big bucks to have a new kitchen put in and my wife had to have "granite" counter tops. Fine by me. She chose the color, dark with some biege mixed in. Well the other night I was fixing a snack on the counter and I was attacked by ants. Seemed like millions of the little thugs and I couldn't see them. They blend with the counter top very nicely thank you. Of course I sprayed and sprayed and washed and washed and sent all their little bodie into the sewer. Now my problem is ants over mind...mine. I see ants evry time I go in the kitchen. My wife has never been so happy. I wash the dam counter at least 3 times every night and twice before my coffee in the morning. I can't get them out of my mind. God how I wish I was an Aardvark.


  1. Now this had me laughing! I want to know where your wife bought the countertop!

  2. You are a character. I'm with you - things are usually cheap for a reason.

    I think I need one of those countertops. My husband never wipes anything down. LOL.

  3. Dee - thanks for dropping in. seems like I could make some money selling counter tops and ant farms

    Selma- sometimes good deals aren't so good

  4. My countertop is just regular formica or something, but it's black with little flecky things of whitish greyish flecks/squiggle thingies.

    We had ants. Lots of them. My husband didn't want the exterminator but I think we need one.

    It also means that there is water somewhere. Be careful and look around.

    Hate them!