"If you really want to hear about it".....ask Donnetta.  My God that lady has more dirt hidden under her mind than God removed from the Grand Canyon.  She knows everything about everybody.  Why it was just yesterday that she was telling me about Harry and Martha.  Seems like Harry's wife and Martha's husband are the only ones in town that do not know what Harry and Martha have been up to.  And speaking of that, did you know the Jenny's daughter Harrietta is with child?  Dam sure I'm right. I heard it from Millie when I was getting my hair done.  No, it wasn't that ugly little Smith boy.  It was Julie's boy Stephen. The real truth is that he spiked her punch and violated her when she passed out.  At least that's the story that Jenny is telling but I happen to know the real real truth..........


  1. Really enjoyed the humorous poignancy of this piece Grizz -- well written...

  2. And I thought only women gossipped!