perfect until further notice

surely you jest when you say
"nobody's perfect"
there has to be
a man...a woman
a person maybe two
who fill that slot

I was sure I would find
the one who said that I'm not
somewhere over a hill
but that was not to be

those that say
I'm not perfect
have disappeared
or maybe they're behind a tree

so I will always be perfect
Until they show
and prove to me

that I'm not
the perfect person
I profess to be


  1. I love the jaunty (or at least I read it as jaunty) "surely you jest!"

    Such a fun opening!!

    And the last two stanzas. A perfect closing!

    Read my Carry on Tuesday here.

  2. julie..yep surely I do jest. thanks for dropping in

  3. gs are you really perfect?
    nice read!

  4. Pam...absolutely not but it's fun to make fun...thanks for the visit