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The prompt for S.S. last week was a poem about getting old and gray.  Of course I posted some wiseacre comment about not being a hero and then proceded to other posts to read what they came up with  and then comment.  There are two reasons for reading and commenting on other posts.  One is that I am truly interested on how others interpret the prompt.  The second and maybe the most important is that I hope that others will read and comment on what I have to say.  Some do and some do not.  I undertand tht it takes a lot of time to read and comment so I am very happy if just a few respond.  I do not always have the time to respond to those that stop by my blog.

But commenting is not what I want to talk about.  It is the verification and waiting for the writer to allow the comment to be viewed.  That is where the old and gray comes in.  I can not remeber if I have commented so sometimes I comment 2 or 3 times which can be a little embarrasing.

My next problem is the ads.  I know all the blogs have some type of ad in hopes of making some money.  I have ads on my blog.  The ads that make me mad are the ones that come up when you are trying to post some nice words.  I just went to one blog and had to watch a short video before I could comment.  I shouldn't have waited to comment but I did. Then I was going to say something nasty, but I didn't.  However, that will be the last time I will wait to respond.  I will just put the site on my "not worth it list".

I really do like to read and respond to what has been written but like I said, that takes time and I do not think you are being fair if I have to wait for ads to load add long songs to load before I can read your blog.  I am only interested in your words.

Is there anyone else out there with the same issues?  Chime in and let me know.  Am I the only nay-sayer?

PS - is there anyone out there that would be interested in having constructive crital responses as a good thing.  I would like for once to have someone tell me I could improve if.....or just maybe diagree with what I have to say.

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  1. Well i would like to ad! LMAO

    My prob with commenting is that my time management sucks!

    Plus if by the first few lines you have not got my interest I lose interest as there are others that I need to read...
    So bro better load up the fridge and sup a few coldies this prob will be here for a long time.