my hero

when the time requires
that a super person be near
I always wiggle and squirm
and recoil in fear
I know I am not the man
that they will want to call
because the world needs
real heros to save the day
and I just do not have the nerve
or the will
so if it's a hero you want
call someone else
and send me the bill


  1. Something like calling a plumber because you haven't got the right tools. Right! I can relate to that. Heroes are those who do not consider the consequences. I am a lousy plumber, just send me the bill too.

  2. I think this is understated you probably are a hero and do not even know it! Good post!

  3. Ha! That made me smile. And you are a super hero for sharing that. : )

  4. Ah, I think we're all superheroes at times, in our own way.

  5. old egg..thanks..I also call the plumber..anyone where the works requires skill

    flaubert..thanks for the visit..I've never had to be a hero..dull life..thank God.I do have "call a hero" on my speed dial

    archna..great name..loved the "Batman" post..I'm off to buy a mask and a cape just in case I'm called upon.

    Anthony...I am always happy when you share a little time. Thanks for the comment. I am digging very, very, very deep to see if there is any heroing in my resume...still looking

  6. It's hard work being a hero, or so I'm told. I think it's over-rated myself. I'd rather hire one than be one!

  7. Keith...heroes only last for 1 page in the newspaper and that is somewhere in the 2nd section. thanks for the visit

  8. The poem made me smile. But I feel that consciously or unconsciously we do become heroes atleast a couple of times in our lives; a kind word, a kind gesture to someone, there, you are a hero!!!

  9. I like your poem, but (sorry to say) I don't believe you! I bet your dogs would agree.

  10. Ariel..I agree that sometimes we are heroes without knowing it. I hope I have been to someone. Greta is right, I am a hero to my dogs.
    I like to believe that when they came to live with me it was like coming to dog heaven.

    Greta...yes you are right. maybe I need a new poem....this little doggie went to market.. thos little went to Grizz's home..etc.

  11. Or call for Yes Man - free of charge.

  12. Hi Old Grizz - aah, but the one who calls for help is the one with humility.. and in some circumstances calling for help is the most superhero like thing to do! Made me smile..jae