Limits...we all have them...

I said all but there is one group of people that does not seem to have limits...Politicians.

There seems to be no limit on the stupidity of politicians. Everyone reading this blog will instantly think of some blundering law that their government has passed and enforced.  I do not care what country you are from.  Right now you have one of those boondoggles floating around in your head.

My favorite here in dumb old US of A is the plastic boondoggle.  Many years ago the cry of tree huggers was heard all across the land. 

"Save the trees", they preached. 

The politicians found a cause.

"Save the trees", they stumped.

The trees were saved but only to be burned in greater numbers because laws were passed banning the cleaning of forests.

But the real damage is the plastic that replaced the trees.  Plastic now befouls our planet.
Everything we own is made of plastic.  We all know it.  We all see it and yet it continues.

And now another travesty is about to occur as President Obama prepares to sign into law an act that will ban Jellybeans from the school lunch program .  However the law will approve of skittles.

Now what the hell is that all about.  Wasn't it President Reagan that love Jellybeans?
Is this some kind of political payback?

Do they think the Jellybean people are going to stand still for this?  We could be in for some kind of civil war with everyone throwing Jellybeans and Skittles at each other and then pausing to eat the ammunition.

If you think we have a fat nation now...just wait.

Americans have a history of defying stupid laws.  I can see it now.  A million child march heading for Washington eating Jellybeans for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How did I get from limits to this?

Maybe there is not limit to my idiocity.

written for Sunday Scribblings


  1. Jellybeans! Don't they have fruit juice in? whereas Skittles are only a 'rainbow of fruit flavours' (we get the advertising here too!) always some wonderful asides (speed limits..tisk!)..politicians seem universal..although English ones have the distinction of using public money to buy duck houses to put in their moats..Thank you for your visit and thoughts..Jae (ps your link on Sunday Scribblings seems to navigate back to the Sunday Scribbling page)

  2. thanks Jae..I'll check out the Duck houses and the moats

  3. How about a law for personal responsibility rather than government supervision? If our government is overblown and bloated, how is it going to police our obesity. Hear hear! The jelly beans strike back.

  4. thanks Lili - to much government is not the answer to any problem

  5. I can't wait until they get that whole jellybean thing sorted out...just one less thing for me to worry about as I look for a job.

  6. I agree with Lilibeth! At least they had sense enough not to ban chocolate!

  7. Ahh, but chocolate has to be on someone's list. And what an uprising that would be. I'm not sure I know anyone who wouldn't participate, except perhaps a politician that has been put on a diet by his personal physician. Could there be such a thing?


  8. lol, I think I will open a jellybean speak-easy!