Breath Taking

Her love swept over me like a Tsunami.  The force rolled my heart into my throat but it was not a feeling of rapture.  She was suffocating me, smothering me like a doting mother.  No, it was worse than a mother.  It was, like I said, like a Tsunami.  My mind was rolling and tumbling across a floor of sickening jealousy.
I raised my hands to her in protest.   I begged her.  Hear me.  Hear my plea.  I cannot live like this.  But she refused to listen.  No, not her.  She was still stuck in the puberty of love.  She was glued to me.  She threatened me with death.. my death...her death...our death.

"Fine," I said.  "I would rather die now than die a slow suffication.  I need room.  We need room.  We cannot continue to live this way.  I need to work.  You need to have a life.  I need more than just you."

Tears fell on the gun.  She waved it at me. It wavered and then she turned it to her heart.  I"m sorry. she cried.  "I'm drowning in my need to be with you."

I dove for the gun.  It exploded.

written for Carry on Tuesday


  1. Ooohh. This makes me shiver in so many ways. Nothing would make me run faster than this sort of smothering love.

  2. Wow, was not expecting that! Great title.