It's never been smooooooth

According to Shakespeare and Keith, "the course of true love never did run smooth." And according to Old Grizz, they are right.  I guess Shakespeare said if first but I doubt if he thought it first.  In fact I would bet that Adam was the first or it could have been Eve.  But it's for sure that one or the other thought it or said it or maybe they both turned to each other (after God  had tossed them from the garden) and said, "how do you like them apples?"

"Yesterday we had it made and now look at us."

Eve probably turned to Adam and said, "Now look what you have done.  You had better go find a job."

Adam, with a look of amazement, probably replied with, "Me?  You were the one that that took a bite from the apple."

Eve, "It wasn't my fault, that stupid whitesnake tricked me."

Adam, "There you go, setting a precedent for all of our future generations."

Eve, " What do you mean, setting a precedent?'

Adam,  "Now whitesnakes will be despised for ever."

Eve. "Serves him right, he caused this whole mess."

Adam, "How about making some lunch?"

Eve, "Why me?  Why don't you make it?"

Adam, "I need to make the beer."

Super great granpa Old Grizz while lazing in the sun, "Well the whole world is going to pot now."

Mrs. super great grandma Old Grizz, "Get off your fat butt and go get some berries for dinner."

Super great granpa "Old Grizz. "I'm making beer."

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  1. LOL, yep that just about says it all. You men and your beer, whats up with that I ask? LOL now your beer comment goes with my fishing comment.

  2. Good reading you after a long time. Happy Holidays in advance!

  3. No wonder you and Whitesnake get along so both brew your own.

  4. Pass me a glass! Delighful as ever!

  5. ;) You made me giggle. THANK YOU! Love and Light, Sender