Chandsho was a mistake but as in all mistakes of creation the creators glory in their ability to create.

Chandsho was created when an over exuberant writer played around with a macho verificator. They were both very happy with the conceiving of Chandsho.

There was absolutely no reason for Chandsho to have been created. The creation could have been avoided with a little fore thought.

The creation of Chandsho was immediately a pain in the creator's over active mind. The creator had no idea what to do with Chandsho and the macho verificator had disappeared immediately after the seed was planted.

Once the creator continued with the folly of her creation she had to feed and nurture it.  However, she did not have the time or the ability to take proper care of her creation.  Chandsho would be left to muddle through life without the proper nourishment and guidance.

The creator did not realize that once an entity like Chandsho was created, it could not be legally destroyed or partially destroyed or even quietly disposed of except by the creator. Also, once created an entity of Chandsho's nature could in theory exist for eternity even if it were destroyed.

After much thought and personal prayer the creator decided to abort Chandsho. She decided that aborting the child would be the best for everyone concerned. She could quietly have the child disappear and no one would be the wiser. After all, only she and the verificator knew that the child existed and the verificator was not available to object. It would be easy. A simple slash and the child would not exist.

That is exactly what she did. She aborted Chandsho.

When the verificator returned to visit their creation, his child was gone. "Who would do such a thing," he asked the powers that governed their world.

"Chandsho's creator," they replied. "She can do anything she wants to with her creations."

The verificator was angry and went to the powers with a Manifesto that he called the "Chandsho Manifesto".

It was a simple manifesto as manifestos go. It read:



  1. I wondered where this was leading OldGrizz - you surely made me think after all the Buck's Fizz yesterday..very wry..Hope you had a good Christmas..Jae

  2. What a great path down whimsy lane and a good laugh at the end!

  3. Very deep, even the weavings of a blog can be considered our children. Makes me wonder what a beast and a brat has become. Oh dear...

    Thanks for sharing Grizz, another wonderful job!

  4. Absolute freedom comes against absolute power in this little fable. Sigh. No compromise? I would like little Chandsho to survive. You suggest Chandsho can only be protected by the powers-that-be that mandate what individuals must do as they pursue their "folly of creation". Very thoughtful.

  5. Beware of the worm that eats into anything!

    I think I should feel as though I have been led down the garden path but luckily I enjoyed being led along.

  6. Very thought provoking and so well written. Bravo!

  7. GS, Very whimsical piece and I got a good laugh at the end. Thanks. I hope you had a a wonderful
    Christmas and I am wishing you a love-filled new year.

  8. Seriously, Old Grizz, you had me at Chandsho.