Who me...die?

Absolutely....and I have no idea what will be thought of me.  Oh I know the family will make me more than I am or was, that is only natural.  All the bad things are forgiven and the good things multiplied by 10 the first year and then who knows.  Some of my relatives that I personally know were hanged for horse stealing are now Saints in control of various parts of heaven.  Hell, my aunt told me her uncle (one of the horse thieves) on her husbands side has the harp concession in the Baptist section of heaven.

But for me, if I die or when I die, think this of me...I am happy with who and what I am...I have no regrets..except maybe never getting to Australia to meet Linda May, oldegg and Rinkly Rhimes, or New Zealand to have a beer with White Snake and his lively woman or even to cross the pond and have a pint with Keith.

So, If I should die, please one and all, raise a glass to me of whatever you use to toast with and know that I have enjoyed your blogs and your comments.


  1. Like grandpa,not yelling and screaming - ha! Me too! No regrets, good for you! :)

  2. You are always welcome in NZ.

    Love from
    Whitesnake's lively woman (love that)

  3. You did get to all those places. . . just virtually.

    A toast to you.

  4. I'll make sure I keep enough Amaretto handy, just in case. Horse thieves hunh? We might have a few of those somewhere in the distant background as well.

  5. No regrets is not easy most of have some you're fortunate. As bloggers we may not touch one another across the continents but we can be and in some cases are as close as if we had met many times and that in its self is a treasure.