A Great Man

This week the world is remembering John Lennon's birthday.
Keith honored him on Carry on Tuesday with the theme of "Beautiful Boy".
Sunday Scribblings' discussion is on "Essentials".
I posted a poem on my blog Burned Toast and Coffee indicating my thoughts on John Lennon.


so young and innocent,
I give my life to you

please absolve me
beautiful boy

I was there once
but lost it

and my other son
will you be him


SS states "In writing and in life, the secret is sometimes in what you leave out. I believe one of the "essentials" in John Lennon's life was the loss of his first son, Julian

John Lennon gave up or put on hold his singing career and became a "househusband" to raise his son, Sean.  In the past and in another world lived a first son, Julian.
Life and career interfered with his relationship with Julian.

It is not easy for a man to lose a relationship with a son.  It is not easy for a man do deal with relationships with ex-wives.

My poem is a belief that John Lennon loved both sons but was only able to raise Sean and  gave up a career to have a son.  I also believe that if his life has not been cut short he would have found and reconciled with Julian.

Great men do those things.


  1. Great men indeed! Love your take on this prompt OldGrizz and that poem - so powerful..Jae

  2. Brilliant take my friend.....
    Did ya check the fridge?

  3. How often the essentials in life can be overlooked and your post certainly illustrates the need to be watchful even in our own small lives.

  4. Great write... ode to a great artist.

  5. Well written.True essentials are the people dear to you.

  6. That song came out when my second son David was born, It was about him, in my mind. My song for my other son? You are so beautiful by Joe Cocker. Special eh.
    And speaking of special, thank you for your comments, you are such a sweetie :)

  7. Old Grizz: you asked on my blog about my husband's embroidery techniques, and he's done some notes for you with a couple of sketches. I don't see your email address on your blogs, but if you email me on viviblake@orange.fr,I will send them to you.

  8. enjoy your simplicity in poetry so very much.