I can dream...or can I?

Last night I dreamt I was young again. Oh what a wonderful dream it was.
Naturally all wonderful dreams for a man of my age include a pretty young girl.

Now, don't get upset because it wasn't a dream about an old goat with a cute young thing.  No sirree, I was young again and agile and spry and good looking.

Maybe good looking is a little white lie but what the hey, it was my dream.

The girl was exactly what a man would dream about and exactly what a man shouldn't dream about.  She was everything that would make every pore in a man's body sweat.

The scene was perfect..a Hawaiian sunset beach with a cool breeze.

Then she came into my arms and our lips met and it was the worst kiss I have ever had.

I woke up with my little black Schnauzer licking My face...Yuk


  1. Now that's what I call an anti-climax! But at least you enjoyed the lead-up!

  2. Ah, leave it to the adorable pets to ruin a great dream! Fantastic offering, loved the switch at the end! Thanks for sharing!

  3. OH dear....been into the Sherry cupboard again...........sigh!

  4. Fun, unexpected ending! :)

  5. Funny! Really enjoyed that. I have four dogs and been kissed by all


  6. Sounds like the awesome dream was already ruined before the waking. So how did the Schnauzer's kiss compare with the worst kiss I have ever had? ;)