the interview

I made it.  I got the interview.  There were two of them.  Both of them with PhD's in Physics and heading up a solid fuel research program at Stanford University.  I had no idea why I had to interview with them.  My job, if I got it, would be a minor lab position at the test facility.  I had been to the facility and interviewed with the plant manager.  He told me I would get the job but just had to interview with the two men heading up the project.

I was nervous as hell and blew the interview.  I was so far out of my league it was a joke.  They asked me stupid questions like, why won't an airplane fly on the moon?  I was so nervous I couldn't have told them why they fly on earth.

I was really depressed.  I wanted that job.  It was within the field I was studying for in college.  I wanted to be  a chemical engineer.  The job was for the summer and it would have helped my finances tremendously.
I moped about for the next few weeks working evenings at McDonald's and feeling sorry for myself.

The news was scary and grim.  "Solid Fuel Test Plant explodes" killing 2 and injuring 5.  That's the job I didn't get.  Would I have been killed?  Did the person that got the job screw up?  I will never know.  But one thing I do know,  some times blowing an interview is the best thing you can do.


  1. Oh, I do agree. We don't realize at the time, but often the best things happen!

  2. Guess thats why the old and wise say, "everything happens for the best".

  3. Ah, yes, one of those blessings in disguise.

  4. The universe was looking out for you mate. Thanks for your kind comment, I like you too.

  5. Whew, suddenly asking "do you want fries with that?" doesn't sound like such a bad gig!