the oracle of the duck

When young and untested
he could not figure them out

When old he was uncontested
 never went with out 

Today he sits on his butt
in a cold and rickity hunting hut

He knows they will come
he knows where from

The morning is butt cold
his butt is bony and old

He lights a sterno
that turns into an inferno

The hut is on fire
 the ducks  fly higher

He may be able to
forecast a duck

but when it comes to fire
 he is a total muck


  1. The Oracle as known to the Duck
    Was rather lame and out of luck...
    His freezing butt
    Parked in the hut
    Was roasted by the sterno- an Oracle out of luck!

  2. wow chiller.... that is the continuation

  3. oh my, i loved this! and? it was me last weekend. gas on leaves. good lord.

    another great one grizz.

  4. Shoot...I could even see that coming!!!

    b :)

  5. ........:)well said!

  6. hahaha - that would be so typical.. I would spend my life savings, travel to the ends of the earth - just looking for answers to the meaning of life and the guy would have burned his own stinking hut down LOL Loved it!

  7. A toast to you Old Grizz but not in the same way as your duck shooter. Great work.

  8. That was a nice light hearted turn on something that could have been stodgy on another level. Hey Grizz, I have better internet provider so i am back to bug everyone :)

  9. Liked the rhyme, though the plot din't go well into my head. Would come back to read once more.