zip zip

He couldn't keep his eyes off of her lips.  They bugged him.  God how awful they looked.  Why would a women paint her lips that way?
Didn't she realize she looked like a damned whore?  Did she think men liked that look except those that knew it was a sign she was easy.  Those lips were like a neon sign advertising a product...SEX.  Come on over here guys, I have what you want and I am willing to share.  Was she a whore?
It did not matter too him whether she sold it or gave it away, she was still  a whore and shouldn't be allowed in this neighborhood.  He was fuming and decided to call the police.  Just then a man came out of a store and went up to her and started talking.  They turned to walk away. He had to intervene.  He could not let that whore do business in his neighborhood.

Hey, he called out to the couple.  "I'm calling the police and having that women arrested for prostitution and if you don't want get arrested with her you better get the hell out of here".

Are you crazy, the man replied?  This is my wife and she is dressed up for a Halloween party.  If you call the police I'll have you arrested.

Damn, he thought, will I ever be able to zip my lip?


  1. Oh this was so darn good! I laughed until I cried. I have really miss reading your stories.

  2. women sometimes enjoy that look!

  3. I loved this Grizz, we are all so quick to jump to the wrong conclusions!

  4. The ending really surprised me and I am still laughing as I can just see the fellow`s chin drop as he found the truth about the woman.

  5. Grizz you buggar you, this is great. I think you've captured how many of us feel when we see such things lol... I have footitis lol I've become quite use to the taste of sole lol.

    Great story.

  6. G'Day Grizz, I don't like that look either, it is so fake, no matter the reason. :)