bump in the night
is not as strange
as you might think

you never know
whence the bump
comes or goes

some say ghosts
some say fright

but I say
a bump in
the night

is only a dream
or a rat
maybe even
a washing machine

but never a ghost
or a ghoul can
go bump

only a wife
mad as hell
can make a bump

oh hell
I was confused with
the word thump.

that is what it really was
a thump in the night
from a wife
afraid of ghosts

when I tried to
sneak in late.
she heard bump bump
I felt thump  thump


  1. Well from one old grizz to another I was enchanted by your spin on the bump/thump theme.
    I loved the way it sped along and reached a satisfying end. Much enjoyed.

  2. hahahah, "Only a wife as mad as hell..." I cannot wait to share this with my hubs! Super take on the S. Scribs prompt.

  3. Loved the ending to this. Funny, and quite often true :-)

  4. There are often bumps in the night in my bedroom. It's me thumping my husband so he'll stop snoring. Brilliant poem!

  5. a wife mad as hell........:)

  6. ha ha...lol. Liked it very much.

  7. LOL, liked the humor in this!

  8. Ah yes, that will teach you!! Fun!

  9. methinks your wife has never really thumped you...this made me chuckle :)

  10. You are naughty, you should have rang..... hehehehehe.

  11. Hahahaha, I loved this. How did I manage to miss it last week? Bump indeed, most certainly better than bang!!!