Old Friend

Thomas Wolfe wrote the novel "You Can't Go Home Again". It was was published posthumously in 1940, one year before I was born. I have understood the basics of this premise for most of my life, things change and you can never make them the same. They are what they are and as Pop Eye so eloquently puts it, "I yam what I yam". Even though I say that I have understood the premise, I still keep trying to change it or better yet, over come it. My most recent attempt was with an old friend from high school. We grew up, graduated from high school, went in the military, returned home and went to college together. We graduated in the same field, however he went on to get a doctorate and I quite and went to work. Naturally he has done much better financially than I have. That's fine with me. I pursued what I wanted from life and I achieved it. After I finished my college, our paths went in separate directions. Just recently he found me via "Face Book" and we started e-mailing one another. I was excited to have an old friendship rekindled. I thought we could get together on occasion and BS about old times. After several attempts to create a get together, it finally dawned on me that his wife doesn't feel that I am a worthy friend. I am not sure why and it really doesn't bother me except that I am disappointed. I was really excited about seeing him again. But alas, Thomas Wolfe was right, "You Can't Go Home Again"

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