Confusing a Dream

There are sleeping dreams and waking dreams. What seems is not always as it seems and dreams are never as they seem. I dream a waking dream while I sleep and I dream a sleeping dream when I wake.
My mind is confused because my dreams are a muddle. I fear to dream a midnight dream and I fear to dream a waking dream. I fear to sleep and I fear to wake. I may be confusing my days with my nights. Or, maybe my life has slipped away and in the after world the days are nights and nights are days. Or, maybe there is no day and no night, but a twilight somewhere in between. A twilight where sleeping dreams are really waking dreams leaving my mind to wonder and wander through a world of cockamamie.


  1. How you dreamed that up I don't know! Thanks so much for taking part. Now I'm going to read it a couple of times more!

  2. You've captured so well the confusion of half-sleep and half-consciousness.

  3. Keith
    thanks for the comment. I
    I never know from whence my writing comes.

  4. Thanks Jabby,
    Since I am always in the half and half world I find it easy to capture things there.

  5. is but all we see or seem but a dream within a dream?

  6. Floreta
    very well put. Sounds like the beinning of a great poem. Actually it is a very nice poem, just as it is.
    Thanks for dropping by