Happy Mother's Day to Me

As an infant writer, I crawl around the world of blogging mumbling my words in a goo-goo and gaw-gaw kind of way. I try to stand and I trip and fall, splitting my infinitives on the coffee table and bruising my rhetoric on the hard cold floor. With my infinitives bleeding and my rhetoric all bruised and sore, I attempt to present myself as a blogger and sometimes fall flat on my butt. With my infant blogger status in mind, I ask the bloggers of "TAT" and the bloggers of"Sunday Scribblings" to forgive me for not acknowledging their comments about my blogs. I somehow had your comments sent to the nether-nether world of blogging and did not realize you were leaving me kind and positive comments. I was saying to my self, "self,. why are they not commenting on your blog? I must really be bad to be totally ignored." But, today while trying to upgrade my blog site I ran into all of these wonderful comments. All of these great words came rushing at me, engulfing me with delight and happiness. I was not being rejected. It was my own stupidity. Thanks to all of you that read my blogs and then took the time to say kind words. If I were a woman, I would say "Happy Mother's Day" to me.


  1. Come now Grizzie, we sure love you! I came to read your story for teh TaT competition but cant find it here yet.
    do write.

    And remove the word verification please!

  2. :) me too waiting for your post Sir.. looking forward to read you more :)

    n thank you so much for a wonderful feedback :) it was very encouraging and so thoughtful of you :)

  3. Thanks. Sorry about the word thing. I didn't realize my blog was doing that. I am still fuzzy at setting the parameters of a blog.
    I will work on it. My story is now up.

  4. AnonymousMay 17, 2009

    I can totally identify with the "infant blogger/writer" syndrome! I learn something new about it everyday, and when my impatience starts to get the best of me I remember how valuable the feedback is and how transformative it can be as a writer, and I realize blogging makes that possible. thanks for sharing! -Meg

  5. Wow, you commented on May 10 and I get the notice on my e-mail may 17. That fits right in to "disconnect" on this weeks Sunday Scribblings.
    Thank you for reading and thank you for taking a moment of your time to comment.