midnight dream

Self Found Midnight dreams Swirls Above Twilight darkness Confronts Mass Confused energy Challenge Awaken
Force denial Screams Take Desire Whispers Be Unafraid Nuzzle Bravery Fears not Defeat
Fools fear Failure Mind Awake Failure Is Knowledge Gone Misty Dream Remember Not Dream Forgot


  1. I like the line 'fools fear failure' because I think that is really true. Failure can sting but it is often a way of moving forward. Great piece!

  2. thanks Ms Irish woman. I appreciate your stopping in.

    Selma - fear of failure haunted me all through me early life. It was drug of choice but I never got a high from it.

  3. As always, Old Grizz, you've put together another lovely poem. Thank you!

  4. Thanks Weronika - I know you're busy and it really honors me that you dropped by.

  5. and i m so sick of making the same mistakes over and over

    Anticipating, Your Reality