A Name is Born

Someone once asked if I had my choice, "What animal I would like to be?" Most people that know me are sure that I am already a bear. Not just any old bear, but an Alaskan Grizzly bear. Big-Nasty and Mean. Mean and Nasty enough to control my turf. My turf is a 900 square mile area in the heart of Alaska. The only other living thing I allow on my turf is my cute little old female Grizzly Bear. My turf consists of beautiful mountains filled with pine trees and berry bushes. Thousands and thousands of berry bushes for me to eat at my leisure. Thousands and thousands of pine trees for me to scratch my back when ever I feel like it. I stroll through the pines and eat berries when I want to. I take naps in the warm afternoon sun when I want to. I have my own river stocked with trout and salmon. I swim in the pools of the river and eat my meals of fish when I want to. If any other creature enters my turf, I smell them down and chase them away with my mighty voice. I stand up tall and roar the roar of the mightiest Grizzly of them all. My roar echos through the canyons letting the world know, I am mad. Beware "Old Grizz" is mad. Do not let him catch you. This is his forest, his trees, his berries, his fish. Only he can sleep in the afternoon sun. Not even his mate, the "Cute Grizzly" will bother him now. Every one run and hide. And then My sweet little daughter will say "Mom, would you get dad a cup of coffee so he won't be such a bear"

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