God Spoke to Me

On a quiet and peaceful morning the Desert Sun woke up over the blue horizon. It trumpeted it's arrival by painting the wispy hanging clouds with an awesome picture of Oranges, Reds and Yellows. Clouds that were held there by the will of God. Clouds held there by the will of God creating a moment in time that will all to soon end. And yet this moment will never end. It will never end because it has been etched in my mind, never to be forgotten. As I strolled across the desert floor I felt re-born in my soul. A peaceful surrender to nature and the world of the desert came over me. I felt I was alone with God. Not alone in a sad way but alone in my spirit to communicate with God. As I watched the Desert giving birth to God's creations, I felt the Sole of the Sky and the Sole of the Earth. When the Sun touched the Cacti, their sleeping flowers came alive and blossomed into a beautiful sea of Purples and Blues. Desert lizards came out to revitalize their bodies with the strength of the sun. Desert birds began to sing and I knew god had spoken to me. God spoke to me with His Birds. God spoke to me with His Lizards. God spoke to me with His Breeze. God spoke to me with His Clouds. God spoke to me with His Colors. God spoke to My Soul with His Soul.

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