naked in the moonlight

when all was said and done,
She stood alone
naked in the moonlight

above the jagged cliffs
watching the crashing water
wash away her soul

her naked form
a silhouette across the moon
for hounds to call
her lover from below
seemed to rise again
and beckon her
to remember
all that they
had been
 and begged of her
to join him
when all was said and done

old grizz  -  written for Keith and carry on tuesday


  1. You create a marvellous image with this. Enjoyed it.

  2. What sensuous words are "Naked in the moonlight" and what images the whole poem evoked moving from real to dreamlike state.

  3. What a wonderful picture you paint! good to see you at COT again.

  4. Ohhh...dark overtones there. Or am I over analysing? Certainly sensuous.