A heavy load

My bones  among the crosses
What I died for
My soul
 In the clouds, the trees, the lakes
Walking among you
What  I died for?
My blood, my guts, my brains…rotting
What  I died for?
A language, a culture, a belief
Our language, our culture, our belief
Or theirs
That I cannot fathom
May the cross above my bones
Not be the cross of
For that which was
Our Freedom
Our Freedom to be
Our Freedom to work
Our Freedom to reap what we would earn
Our Freedom from taxes for the king
Our Freedom from taxes for the British
How is that different today
I died for that
No for
every person in the world?
So that they may come and take
what I died for
What my fathers and their fathers
Fought and died for
My bones...their bones
Cannot carry the load

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