Grizz’s Rib

It began Sunday evening when I was trying to write something for my journaling class. I had chosen to write about the clash between the feminine and masculine issues in my mental makeup. I could not write anything that I was happy with. I worked until 2 am and finally gave up. The next morning I was late in getting up. While I was showering I started writing the article in my mind. I usually take a five minute shower but on that morning it lasted forty-five minutes while my mind wrote and edited.

I left the shower, dried off and went into the bedroom to dress. My wife asked me if I left any hot water and of course my reply was that there was plenty of hot water. Her answer was a mild threat which I of course ignored. It was something like "if my shower is cold, I'll get even". My mistake was not listening. My failure was that I did not believe her.

The next morning I was enjoying a nice hot relaxing shower. I noticed a shadowy form in a blue flannel night gown entering the bath room. My mind did not trigger any alarm. I had failed to listen to her threat and made the mistake of not being alert. My hot relaxing shower was interrupted with the full force of Niagara Falls coming down on my head and body. Oh oh oh, damn that's cold I groaned and the shadowy flanneled night gown giggled and laughed with glee. I told you I would get even she chirped. That glass of water came right from the refrigerator. .
                                                              My "Rib" won again

For Carry on Tuesday


  1. vive la different ways of vengeance.... :-)

  2. Ha my husband actually did something similar to me when we were first married. I chased him through the house with a pot ready to brain him :)

  3. Lols...what a punishment from a naughty wife...:)

    I was amazed you could write and edit in ur mind what you'll gonna write? That's unique, really a one-of-a-kind talent!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog...:))...and for your inspiring comments!

    Your first time isn't it? Hope not the last.