I have never been been a friend of tattooing. The reasons do not matter.  At least the original reasons do not.  However, I am not a prude.  If you want one, it's your body, do what you want with it.

In fact I have seen several tattoos that I like and I admit they fascinate me.

I am really fascinated with the ones on pretty girls.  That's my problem.  Sometimes I cannot keep from staring and it bugs me.  I am beginning to think I am becoming a "dirty old man". 

When I was  a young man I trained myself to look a woman in the eye and not stare at her boobs.  I actually achieved my goal and could tell you what color her eyes were.  

However, now the ladies are tattooing their boobs and their butts and leaving enough  exposed to get my attention.  The tattoos start above the breasts or the butt and disappear beneath their sexy underwear of which they do not mind showing along with a lot of body parts that are also hard to ignore.  Now I am getting old but I am not dead and it has become very difficult to keep my eyes from staring.

So, I propose the following.  It should be a law that if a woman tattoos her breasts or her butt she must also have a pretty tattoo under each eye.  This would help "dirty old men" like me keep their eyes where they belong.


  1. Funny one Grizz. You should start a new movement. Read my tatt. A bit like those T-shirts you try to read and can't get through them quick enough, and the wearers look at you......

  2. Hahahaa. I like the honest post.

  3. Linda - thanks for dropping by

    Jeeves - Special thanks to you and you comment.
    Nice to have you drop in

  4. LOL.... a law to have them get a tattoo under their eye. That was great! Thanks for the enjoyable read. :)