the key

The big day had arrived.  Today  they would give the car away.
It was a great promotion.  Drive the new "Demeter".  The latest beauty on the market.   It was perfectly named for today's society.   "Demeter" the Greek God of Agriculture and Grain symbolized the new  "green"  world.   It got sixty-five miles per gallon of gas and seated five comfortably.  The geese loved it.  "Just get them to eat a few bites of grain and they would drive off in one." was  Fat George's favorite saying.  He would say it over and over in sales meetings.  The geese were how he referred to and thought of customers.

The promotion was simple.  Take a test drive and get your name in in the drawing for a new "Demeter".  Twenty names  were drawn for a chance at the "key".   The one with the lucky "key" would drive off in a brand new car.

Free hot dogs and sodas  for anyone coming  in on the  final day of the contest.  Big discounts were offered on all cars.  Fat George hadn't missed a trick.  He got up on the stage and took the mike.  He was ecstatic.  This was his best promotion.  This would be a great year even if they never sold another car.

OK folks, he said in the mike.  The big day is here.  One brand new "Demeter" for the lucky "key" holder.
There were twenty brand new cars and twenty excited winners of the drawing.  Each one  holding what they hoped would be the lucky "key".  "Remember the one with the "key" that starts the car will drive it home today"  Fat George bellowed.

He was at his best. "George's Car Sales is giving the car away absolutely free",  he yelled in the mike.  We will pay the registration, the taxes and give the lucky winner a full tank of gas".

OK it's time.  Get in and try your key.  Twenty winners with twenty "keys" opened a car door, got in, inserted  and twisted their "key".    Each one was  praying they would be the lucky one.

They all started, every damn one of them.  Every "winner" was a "winner".  Twenty  brand new "Demeters' absolutely free  to twenty lucky winners.  Fat George damn near fainted.  What the hell's going on here he screamed.  Fat George was giving away not one but twenty brand new "Demeter's"

Jimmy Schmitds, the car lot boy, stood at the back of the crowd laughing.  "There, you fat bastard, I told you I would get even with you for firing me".

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  1. Nice story...wish i was one of those lucky winners :)

  2. Ah, revenge is sweet. Another great ending.

  3. Yep the little guy wins. Good stuff! Watch out for 'em!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog Grizz. I am pleased to say we are not the kind of persons who would do anyone a bad turn, regardless of the situation.

  4. Love the devilish twist in the Grizz. I like it a lot.

    The Key

  5. Revenge made for a nice twist to the story.