Speak to Me

America is a melting pot for language. Most of us live in neighborhoods where many different languages are spoken. In my backyard there are Koreans, Spanish, Mexicans, Germans, Chinese and Jordanians. The only neighbors that cannot speak at least two languages are the original Americans. That's my niche. Obviously I do not need to speak an additional language to survive. Do I admire those that have uprooted their lives to move to a strange country? Absolutely, Who could not? Do I need to apologize for not learning a second language? Absolutely not. If I lived in another country, I would learn the language. What I am more concerned about is the language of writing. How do I convey to you what I am really thinking? How do I put the words together to create something interesting to read? How do I hold your attention? How do I excite the readers enough to keep them reading what I have written? We in the world of blog consider ourselves writers. We all have stories that are important. How do we write those stories and get the world to say HOORAY? We all want to write. We all want to be read. For me the most important language is the language of good writing. I have a long stairway to climb, but I am working on my writing ability, one step at a time.


  1. i appreciate the language of words/writing. nice thoughts here.

  2. Yes, we all have stories that are important...thanks for sharing yours today! :~)