Love, Ahhhh, Sweet, Confusing Love

Is Love a song? or as the song title proclaims, is Love "a many Splendored thing"? What is Love?
Love is complicated. Love is frustrating. Love is enchanting.
Most of all Love is confusing.
When we say, "We Love" Who do we Love? How do we Love? What do we Love?
I Love my wife I Love my mother brother sister aunts and uncles I Love the stars the wind and the trees. I Love my car my boat and my money I Love my dog my cat and and my parrot. I Love to hunt to fish and to hike. I Love football basketball and soccer. How do I love thee?
I cannot count the ways. Do I love thee like my dog? a fishing trip? a mountain hike? or maybe a brand new bike? Is my Love for thee like my Love for my mother? my brother? or my sister?
As you can see Love is really confusing to me.


  1. interesting thoughts...I also wonder often!