Listen, he would say Can you hear him son Way off Way off in the distance. He's coming son See he's getting louder Listen carefully son Pay attention and listen That's America That's life Listen to that engine Feel the power That's America growing, powerful, and free That's life. Growing, small at first, getting bigger Soon he will be here Listen son Listen to that engine Listen, listen, hear it roar Listen to the compression building Building power to slow his heavy load Listen son He's getting closer Listen to the roar, feel the power of that engine Look son Up the road Around the bend Look son There's his smoke Over the hill See son there he is His chrome stacks belching smoke There he is like a boy turning into a man Getting bigger getting stronger Pump your fist son Grab the air Blow your horn He will answer you He will talk to you Then he was Blasting by the big engine roaring the smoke blowing out of the chrome stacks disappearing into the wind behind him HONK -HONK -HONK A wave A smile as he headed in the future Watch son He's getting smaller listen son It's hard to hear him Listen and watch son He's like a man He reached his peak He's getting smaller Like a man drifting into eternity Listen son Here comes another one Delivering America Here comes hundreds thousands millions they will always come